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A KENICK EL PSALM | Poem 3 by Ferdinand


Written by Ferdinand H. Thomas-Bey II, The Bringer Of Balance

Let’s get focused

Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom & Justice

Teaching empire seeking high vibrational principles 

But out here Lyon like Luscious 

We gotta develop some leadership rubrics 

Give ‘em a spankin 

Or get rid of these soft lil toothpicks 

Y’all really allowing ‘leaders’ to do this?

What we doin out here

Lettin’ any ‘ol body demonstrate fear

Real leadership holds that concept dear 

Lemme put this flava in ya ear

Understand by symbols you are bound

Come on over to Whole Health Compound

The Bringer Of Balance will bring the non-sense to a stop Now

52 Moorish years silence you in the background 

The Piscean Age is in the rear

In that forest you’re finally gonna be able to hear 

Like all things, time moves in a sphere

A new way, you gon’ pioneer

Sit at the feet, play you some acoustics 

Old dog learnin’ some new tricks 

Pop! Stop playin,’ these bamboo sticks

Follow directions, it’s therapeutic

Think twice before another injustice

Never want me to show you my substance

Grow through this process, stop being a fungus

Come back to my leadership when you’ve dropped your reluctance

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