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FHTII Reading Program Begins

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Reading is fundamental. Clever phrases have a way of impressing the mind. And my mind is consistently impressed by reading and its fundamental nature of developing the imagination. But what fundamentals are we reading and practicing?

For many years I've indulged in knowledge and fundamentals offered by public institutions. Today is a new day. Leadership and wealth are the topics of now. Thank you for reading with us! Let's grow together! See below for more info.

I stumbled on to Think And Grow Rich while watching a random Bob Proctor interview. Proctor inspired me - during that short 20 minute video - in a way I hadn't felt since I was a child. I played Think And Grow Rich on YouTube that same day and it changed my life.

“I played Think And Grow Rich that same day and it changed my life.”

Hill's most famous book focuses on principles properly applied to achieve riches. He was on to something by wanting to study successful people. Understanding desire, imagination, the mastermind principle and more bring riches and much more.

Reading Plan

-14 Days - Listen to Think And Grow Rich (audiobook) at night while you sleep

-14 Days - Read a physical version of the book (One chapter a day and two chapters on Sundays)

-Daily - Contact FHTII social media and visit #FHTIIReads to share your growth

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