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Five Things Needed To Achieve Optimal Health

Optimal Health is achievable by all people. Creating optimal health synthesis comes down to repeatedly and purposefully feeding your mind, body and spirit five core things.

Happiness, sunlight, rich oxygen, nutrition and water are core fuels needed to achieve optimal health. These five elements (for lack of a better word lol) produce and regenerate life in the human animal.

1. Happiness sparks special neurotransmitting functions in the brain to keep the proper chemical reactions in alignment. When we're happy, we're healthy. pH Balance is more alkaline during states of happiness. Notice those days when one is feeling down about something. Most people probably feel more gas, stomach aches and/or headaches on days like this. Happiness lack changes polarity in physiology and biological functions. So, it is safe to say, 'Happiness is the way, not the destination.'

2. Sunlight is (from my knowledge) the only natural energy that powers the human animal to produce Vitamin D. And that vitamin helps the body maintain Calcium levels. Now we're getting into the skeletal system and much more. Sunlight is necessary to receive per day on every inch of one's body if possible.

3. Rich Oxygen is needed in every part of the body, with emphasis on the brain. Respiration, metabolism and regeneration depend heavily on the amount of oxygen ingested.

4. Nutrition really is about everything one ingests... Through the mouth, as well as the other four senses. But let's stick with the mouth today. A person becomes what they eat. A person's organs perform based on what is consumed in nutrition. Optimal Health is achieved through nutrition by eating what grows from the ground in the most organic form possible.

5. Water is a pillar of life. The human animal is constructed of nearly 75% water. To achieve Optimal Health, consuming a large amount of water per day is necessary. Most experts have suggested 1-gallon per day as sufficient.

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