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GOD OF THE SCRIBES | Poem 2 by Ferdinand


Written by Ferdinand H. Thomas-Bey II, The Bringer Of Balance

My pen predicts the future

Descendants out of Sumer

I’m out of body, time traveling Looper

The real Man they call ‘Super’

Absolute Truth suggestions from my pen

To uplift and rarely condemn

Real to the real while zombies think it’s pretend

Created myself into a man

No paper, I write on The Akash

You slow down and let your nuts drop

Get out in nature, find a growth spot

Now become formidable, razor sharp

I’m Here To Bring Balance

Often, I Do This In Silence

Interpreting Energy Using Stars and Planets 

The Digital Age version of Ancient Tablets

It's time to learn from a Boss

Minimize the need to Floss

Erroneous habits it’s time to toss

Sacrifice and Humility or do that bunny hop

Matriarchal and Aquarian energy is what’s in

Guide yourself from within

“With great power comes great responsibility.” - Uncle Ben

This right here is the power of the pen

Become a Universal Law tutor

Maybe a righteousness super trooper 

Pound feet, take a break from Uber

Become a high vibrational energy producer

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