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Privacy Policy 

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At FHTII, safeguarding your privacy is our priority. We adhere to a comprehensive policy focused on the responsible handling of your personal information. This encompasses the collection, use, processing, transfer, storage, and disclosure of your data.

FHTII regularly revises this Privacy Policy to align with technological progress, legal obligations, and evolving business standards. Users are encouraged to review the policy for the latest information.


FHTII assumes responsibility for personal information under its control, ensuring secure handling and third-party transfers.

2.Purposes for Using Your Personal Information

When engaging with FHTII services, your data may be processed to understand and fulfill your needs, manage operations, develop offerings, and comply with legal requirements. Your personal information may be processed for

  • Billing, activation, provision, maintenance, and support of FHTII Offerings.

  • Technical functionality, troubleshooting, and issue identification.

  • Understanding network and FHTII Offerings usage.

  • Business development, fraud prevention, and legal enforcement.

  • Responding to inquiries and emergencies.

  • Other purposes as per consent and applicable laws.


Before utilizing FHTII services, your agreement might be necessary, as indicated in relevant notices outlining the handling of your data.

4.Types of Personal Information Processed

FHTII processes various types of information, including account details, application data, cloud-based or backup data, cookies, financial information, general usage data, location information, and more.

5.Processing Your Personal Information
  • Retention: Personal information is retained as long as necessary and then securely disposed of.

  • International Operations and Onward Transfers: FHTII may process personal information in multiple jurisdictions, subject to this Privacy Policy.

  • Marketing Communications from FHTII: Correspondence may encompass details, surveys, promotional materials, and advertisements rooted in established business connections.

  • Service-Related Communications from FHTII: Service-related communications are vital for using FHTII Offerings and cannot be opted out.

  • Information Sharing: Personal information may be shared within FHTII with service providers and third parties involved in providing FHTII Offerings.

  • Third-Party Offerings: FHTII does not control third-party applications or services and recommends reviewing their privacy policies.

6.Accuracy of Your Personal Information

FHTII takes measures to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your personal information, relying on your updates and corrections.

7.Safeguarding Your Personal Information

FHTII employs physical, organizational, and technological measures to protect your data. Users are encouraged to adopt security practices and take responsibility for safeguarding personal information.

8.FHTII’s Ongoing Efforts to Be Transparent

FHTII is dedicated to transperancy, offering information via this Privacy Policy, Notices, and supplementary channels to assist users in comprehending data processing and making informed choices.

9.Accessing Your Personal Information

Upon request, FHTII will provide access to your personal information in compliance with applicable laws, allowing amendments when necessary.

10.Questions or Concerns

Users can reach out through Facebook or other specified channels for inquiries or concerns or contact FHTII’s Data Protection Officer.

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