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You can start your transformative journey with FHTII's "Ownership & Control 21-Day Journal." This fillable journal interactive is your interactive, self-paced roadmap to success, with the effortless blending of wealth-building activities, accountability affirmations, physical movement goals, reading for growth, inspirational quotes, and family bonding exercises. Since each day challenges your body, mind, and spirit towards independence and responsibility, journal physical movement goals can help you keep up with yourself. With dedicated sections for Notes and a 24-Hour Schedule, this self-paced roadmap journal is a comprehensive guide for your 21-Day Ownership & Control experience. You can join the movement for better health, generational wealth, and self-knowledge.


So, begin your journey now for only $4.99 with journal physical movement goals and share the progress of your journal wealth-building activities at!

The Ownership & Control 21-Day Journal (Fillable EBook)

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