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FHTII Leadership Consultation

Two Heads Is Better Than One

  • 30 minutes
  • 100 US dollars
  • Zoom (Details Emailed Upon Booking Confirmation)

Service Description

FHTII Leadership Consulting presents an opportunity to speak about life challenges, nutrition challenges and business challenges. Ferdinand will help empower you to overcome any challenge.

Cancellation Policy

FHTII BOOKING POLICY: All are subject to the following terms below. Booking in General: Talent(s) may be booked hourly, half-day, full-day, or weekly (Holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays subject to negotiation) with a minimum booking policy of a one hour of use or nonuse of talent(s). A day rate is a full eight consecutive hours, example, between 9am-6pm; paid lunch break included within the eight consecutive hours. Length of booking time must be stated prior to booking and must be stated at the time of booking for complete agreement from all parties. All bookings must be paid upon receipt, whether used or not. Booking fees: Fees and rates are assumed to both convey the same message within the context of this booking section, however, to ensure full clarity of fees and rates and which can and may not be applied please do contact a FHTII representative, in regard to the booking . Nevertheless, any full day, half day, or weekly bookings must specify a fee/rate in advance prior to booking and fees/rates that has been specified prior to the booking cannot be converted and/or changed into a different means of booking fee/rate, example, from hourly to full day booking fee/rate, or from full day booking to hourly booking fee/rate. Booking fee/rate must be consistent to what was mutually agreed upon and accepted by all parties involved initially with the booking. Fees/rates may be on the basis of quotes for FHTII, contact talent agent; thereby fees/rates may vary by performance, category, and media usage. Print Booking Policy: FHTII can be available for hourly, half day, or full day bookings and a minimum of one hour booking with additional half hour increments. Fifteen minutes or forty five minutes past the hour is considered to be an additional half hour. A day fee/rate must be specified in advance and is considered 8 consecutive hours, including lunch. Day fees/rates cannot be changed to an hourly fee/rate during the booking, even if FHTII is released before 8 hours. Time and a half will be charged after 12 hours. Saturday and Sunday bookings must be negotiated through FHTII. All of FHTII Rates/fees shall be established prior and confirmed at the time of booking. All usage negotiated separately. Bras and other women’s undergarments, and men’s underwear may be billed at double rate. The client must specify the exact type of garment at the time of booking. Swimwear and lingerie must be negotiated through FHTII. Client must clear with FHTII prior to lingerie booki

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