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Silver - 35/65

Brand Potential with FHTII's Silver Brand & Business Structure Creation Service

  • 2 hours
  • 2,750 US dollars
  • Zoom Audio

Service Description

Welcome to FHTII, where we believe in turning your business dreams into reality. Our Silver Brand & Business Structure Creation service is designed to catapult your brand into the limelight, forging strategic partnerships and establishing a robust business foundation. Discover the power of collaboration, innovation, and seamless business structuring with FHTII. What Sets Us Apart At FHTII, we go beyond conventional branding by incorporating your ideas and goals into a comprehensive business structure. Our unique approach blends client input with our expertise, resulting in a personalized and impactful brand presence. Service Description Gift Exposing Leaders create your corporate structure: Client & FHTII Collaboration Provide business names and tagline. Share goals, pillars, and mission. Business Planning FHTII drafts a rough business plan. Social Media Strategy Collaborative creation of a social media schedule. Merchandise & Bookings Develop merchandise ideas and booking strategies. Content Creation Ideation for shows, podcasts, and educational curriculum. Visual Identity FHTII designs a unique logo and crafts a stunning website. Leadership Roles Client becomes the Chief Operations Officer. FHTII takes on the roles of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer. Steps To Brand Creation Foundational Elements Choose a brand name, set goals, establish pillars, and define your mission. Acquire a domain for your brand. Business Planning Develop a comprehensive business plan. Social Media Mastery Create a dynamic social media schedule. Brand Presence Craft merchandise that aligns with your brand and plan bookings accordingly. Content Strategy Plan shows, podcasts, and educational curricula for a holistic brand presence. Visual Identity FHTII brings your brand to life with a unique logo and a professionally crafted website. Partnership Deal 6-Week Pre-Production & Evaluation Period Dive deep into the intricacies of your brand's potential. $1,000 Deposit Upon Signed Contract. Cancellation Policy Enjoy a 72-Hour Cancellation Period for a full refund. Unlocking Opportunities: Brand Partnerships with FHTII Explore the world of brand partnerships with FHTII. Whether you're seeking influencers, luxury brands, or looking to kickstart a career in brand partnerships, FHTII is your trusted guide. Discover how to find, secure, and foster successful brand partnerships.

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